100 cm
20 cm
2000 grams
0 kgs
max. load

Our telescopic seat is the seating revolution !

Easy to carry with you

For every event, Seattex is there to assist you!

With its 950 grams weight there is no excuse not to be seated comfortably!

Seattex includes an sturdy shoulderstrap as well as a handy wriststrap.

A comfortable seat everywhere

Designed for all, just sit back and relax

Wether you want to go fishing, gardening, cleaning your car, attending a festival or just don’t want to stand anymore: take out your Seattex and sit comfy! 

Seattex 45 is the ORIGINAL product from ISRAEL !

Easy Adjustable

You can easily adjust the Seattex's height in 15 positions. From 7 cm up to 45 cm in seconds.

Take a break

After a long bikeride. Just unfold the Seattex, sit down and relax!

Light & compact

Easy to take with you when travelling, only weighs 950 grams. Fits comfortably in your suitcase.

Easy to clean

Whilst made of high quality polycarbonate the Seattex is very easy to clean, wipe off dirt with a moist cloth and you're done

3 year warranty

We are so confident in the Seattex, that we give you a 3 year limited warranty.

Durable & sustainable

The original Seattex seats are made from sustainable, recycled polycarbonate in production facilities in Israel.

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